Mini Dinamikos Small Treasure 2022 Wodd symphony Gallery

Small Treasures 2022

Wood symphony gallery

Turned and sculpted wood 2022 Woodsymphony Gallery

Masters of contemporary wood art 2021






The Art Of GIving 2021 Wood Symphony Gallery

Small Treasures 2021 Wood Symphony Gallery

Inside The Box 2021 Wood Symphony Gallery

Collettiva Vieste 7/2021

Wow cover foto 3/21

Contest AIATL 2021 Natural edge

Art of giving 2020 Wood Symphony Gallery

Small treasures 2020 Wood Simphony Gallery

Collettiva al museo Bugey-Valromey a Lochieu (Francia,Ain) 2020








WOW cover foto 11/20

WOW Cover photo 10/2020

Totem AIATL 2020

Totem AIATL 2021

The Art Of Giving 2021 Wood Symphony Gallery

Woodwoorker West

November-December 2021